Vinod Nagpal is a class act in ‘Good Night’

Vinod NagpalFinally there’s a film that does justice to the hugely under-utilized talent of actor Vinod Nagpal. Geetika Narang’s Good Night ( 2008 ) gives Nagpal ample scope to perform in a role that is complex by the virtue of the fact that it’s almost a one-character story. But the seasoned performer that Nagpal is, he comes up with a portrayal that is truly moving. He lends the character of Madan Mohan Khullar a distinct roguish charm, switching between obnoxious and emotional shades with sheer effortlessness. It’s not as easy as it seems when you just have lifeless props to give you cues. Nagpal comes up with a masterful act where he is interacting with the clock, his clothing accessories, his radio, a photograph, the list just goes on. Not only does he make the character of the recluse Khullar a moving one, he ensures that the consistency in the character graph doesn’t change throughout the film. From the carefree Basesar Ram of Hum Log to the concerned Sahni of Khosla Ka Ghosla he has consistently turned up with some fabulous performances and it’s indeed heartening to see a film that taps the ability of this immensely gifted actor.

Preeti Mathur

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